Expert assessment of the service engineers’ training for transport and technological machines and complexes

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Dmitry Gritsay, Valentina Ivashova, Igor Shvetsov, Alexey Nemtsev, Odnoprienko Vladimir


The article presents the results of an expert assessment of the quality of training of service engineers for transport and technological machines and complexes. A review of scientific publications (on the important competencies of vehicle maintenance and repair engineers in the production process) has shown the high relevance of the research topic. An expert survey was conducted among the engineering staff of the enterprises of service and repair of vehicles in Stavropol Krai (Russia). In total, we analyzed the expert opinions of 32 people. The opinions of the professional community (about the competence model in demand in production) have a significant impact on the development of the curriculum for the engineers’ training, the content of academic disciplines and practices. The data obtained are important for the development of service maintenance and repair of vehicles in the region, high-quality training of engineers in this sphere. The results of the research will have a positive impact on the organization of maintenance and current repair of cars of private owners in service enterprises.


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