Influence of Stress on Employee Performance in Banking Sector

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Dr. Manjunatha M K., Dr. Bhagyalakshmi K.


Stress is becoming a critical problem for both employers and employees in particular and society at large. Induced stress, on employees owing to job pressure, is becoming a critical organizational stressor. People may experience everyday workplace stress, a psychological construct, which cannot be avoided. Stress has been recognized as an inevitable part of life, every person must manage stress if not it leads to many changes in lives. But stress can also be beneficial, it helps create opportunities, new challenges etc. Undoubtedly, employee stress is a growing concern for most organizations today worldwide. Therefore, the decision to meet the challenge of escalating costs is making employers in realizing the advantage of reducing their employees‟ demand for healthcare.

The sample of 253 respondents working in Karnataka Bank Ltd, Kotak Mahindra, HDFC, ICICI and AXIS Bank for the present research. The investigation is focused on elicitation of critical factors whish influences performance of selected PBS. The result of the study reveals that key factors that influence the performance of private banking sector are Role Overload, Role Isolation, Personal Inadequacy, Role Ambiguity and Resource Inadequacy creates Distress, on the other hand, Inter-Role Distance, Role Stagnation; Role Erosion creates Neustress among the bank employees at the workplace. The outcome of present research helps to understand the administrators of PBS to know the factors that are to be nurtured in order to strengthen the performance of employees which shall help to gain competitive advantage and to achieve operational excellence.

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