Correlates of School and Family Environment on Well - Being

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S. Suganya, Dr. Suresh Kumar Murugesan, Dr. K. Govind


The current study aims to explore the relationship between school environment family environment and well -being. Sample size of the study is 600 school students from Tiruchirappalli. All the samples were selected using random sampling technique. To collect the data relevant to the aim of the study well being index developed by Dr. Vijayalakshmi chaudan and  Dr. Varsha Sharma  in 2005  school environment and family environment scale was developed by Ms.S.Suganya, Dr Sureshkumar Murugaesan and Dr K.Govind in 2022 was used. Collected data was scored by using respected questionnaires and it was analysed with the SPSS. The results will be discussed in detail.

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